AnyWireASLINK system

System consisting of 2-wire type only
(when local power supply is unnecessary)


System in which 2-wire type and 4-wire type are mixed
(when local power supply is necessary)


System of environment-resistant area


System configuration

  • There is a master interface for MELSEC iQ-R, L, Q which operates as an intelligent unit.
    In addition, there is also a master block for MELSEC-F which operates as a specially added block.
    There is a bridge for CC-Link and a bridge for CC-Link IE Field in addition to the above.
  • There is a gateway for DeviceNet and a gateway for PROFIBUS as a master unit for open field bus, and there is also a gateway for Ethernet compatibility with some Ethernet-linked protocols.
  • Master interface for PCI Express is also available as a master unit for PC bus.
  • ASLINKMASTER is incompatible with our “DB A40/A20 series” and “Bitty series” for connection.
  • Connect a terminator (waveform shaping module) at the most distal end of the transmission line laid from ASLINKMASTER.
  • Perform address setting of the terminal and initial setting of the sensor sensitivity by using an address writer.
    (Sensor sensitivity setting is allowed from both of the address writer and higher controller.)
  • When you intend to expand the power supply capacity of AnyWireASLINK, use a terminal of the [4-wire (insulation) type] which allows for local power supply.

Line color of dedicated flat cable and connector pin No.


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