AnyWireASLINK system

General specifications

*This description is a representative general specification. Since some products have partially different specifications, please check the instruction manual for details.

Ambient temperature use 0 to 55℃
Ambient temperature storage -25 to 75℃
Ambient humidity use 10 to 90%RH, No condensation
Ambient humidity storage
Atmosphere use No corrosive gas
Altitude use*1 0 to 2000m
Pollution level*2 2 or less
Do not use or store the AnyWireASLINK equipment in an environment pressurized above the atmospheric pressure at altitude 0m. Malfunction may result.
This is an index showing the degree of generation of conducting substance in an environment where the equipment is used. Pollution level 2 means generation of non-conducting pollution only. However, temporary conduction may occur by accidental condensation in this environment.

Performance specifications

Transmission clock 27kHz(37μs)
Transmission distance/supply current Size Transmission distance DP-DN allowable supply current
1.25mm2 50m or less 2A or less
Exceeding 50m, 100m or less 1A or less
Exceeding 100m, 200m or less 0.5A or less
0.75mm2 50m or less 1.2A or less
Exceeding 50m, 100m or less 0.6A or less
Exceeding 100m, 200m or less 0.3A or less
0.5mm2 50m or less 0.8A or less
Exceeding 50m, 100m or less 0.4A or less
Exceeding 100m, 200m or less 0.2A or less
Number of connection points Up to 128 units
Transmission method DC power supply superimposed total frame/cyclic method
Connection mode T-branch method, multi-drop method, star wiring method, tree branch method
Transmission protocol AnyWireASLINK protocol
Error control Double check, checksum
Number of connection I/O points Up to 512 points (Input 256 points/output 256 points)
RAS function Transmission line disconnection detection function,
transmission line short-circuit detection function,
transmission circuit drive power drop detection function ID (address) redundant/non-setting detection function
Electric wire used
  • General-purpose 2-wire/4-wire cable (VCTF, VCT 0.75 to 1.25mm2, rated temperature 70℃)
  • General-purpose electric wire (0.75 to 1.25mm2, rated temperature 70℃)
  • Dedicated flat cable (0.75 mm2/1.25mm2, rated temperature 90℃)

Transmission cycle time

Transmission I/O point number setting 64 points
(Input 32 points, output 32 points)
128 points
(Input 64 points, output 64 points)
256 points
(Input 128 points, output 128 points)
512 points
(Input 256 points, output 256 points)
1 transmission cycle time 2.3ms 3.5ms 5.9ms 10.6ms
Transmission cycle time is time to update input and output data of the master unit and all slave units.
In actuality, “transmission delay time,” twice of transmission cycle time is generated by influence of the double check function.

Precautions on transmission

If the transmission line is a 4-core line (DP, DN, 24V and 0V run together) and the length exceeds 50m, connect “ASLINK filter [model ANF-01]” in series to 24V and 0V at a position where 4-core running starts together (immediately below the master unit in general connection state). (Maximum allowable current 5A/DC24V)
→ Signal is stabilized in order to enhance noise resistance and suppress influence of cross-talk by transmission signal.
→ In both cases when collectively supplying from the power source for master and when supplying from local power source, these shall be inserted.
→ When complying with CE standard, insert “ASLINK filter [model ANF-01]” regardless of laying method and distance.


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