AnyWireASLINK system

AnyWireASLINK is a “Digital link sensor” having various functions.
Close combination of a higher controller and terminal contributes to “enhancement of availability” and “reduction in man-hours,” and smallness of terminal realizes “space saving.”

ARW-04 Various functions of AnyWireASLINK can be set by writing and changing parameters using the address writer (such as ARW-04/ARW-03).
For more information, see Address Writer page or the operation manual (Product Guide) of each product.

Digital link function

Sensing level monitoring
If a sensor and reflection plate are contaminated with dust or powdered dust when a photoelectric sensor is used, sensitivity of detection is deteriorated and the operation becomes unstable or becomes disabled.
ASLINKAMP and ASLINKSENSOR can monitor not only ON/OFF of the sensor but also the sensing level itself, that can realize preventive maintenance to prevent “momentary stop” before it happens.
Read-out/writing of sensor sensitivity setting
Setting of boundary value (threshold) where a sensor turns ON/OFF and sensor sensitivity can be read out/written from a higher controller.
◇The sensor the sensitivity of which drops is kept in operation until maintenance.
◇Sensitivity adjustment is automatized at time of work setup change, etc., by recording sensitivity setting in various cases.
Sensor cable disconnection detection
When the sensor signal is turned OFF, whether “the sensor is turned OFF” or No.0 “power source is turned off and sensor is OFF” cannot be generally judged. This function can detect disconnection of a sensor, therefore, takes no time for investigation of cause.
Countermeasure for interference of photoelectric sensor is unnecessary.
Since ASLINKAMP and ASLINKSENSOR operate in time division, no interference occurs even when some sensors are simultaneously installed, and a shielding plate for interference countermeasure which has conventionally been required is unnecessary.

“Digital link function” is a general term for characteristic functions which each product of AnyWireASLINK has.

*Digital link function to be mounted depends on products.

RAS function

*The transmission line consists of DP (data line, plus side) and DN (data line, minus side)
(In case of 4-wire type, 24V line and 0V line are added to the above line.)

Transmission line disconnection detection
When the transmission line (DP/DN line) is disconnected, the master detects this and notifies an error, and at the same time, lights the ASLINKMASTER indication lamp.
In addition, disconnection location of the transmission line can be searched from the separated address number.
Transmission line short-circuit detection
When the transmission line (DP/DN line) is short-circuited, the master detects this and immediately stops transmission, and noties an error, and at the same time, lights the ASLINKMASTER indication lamp.
Short-circuit can be quickly recognized and damage to equipment from trouble is prevented.
Transmission circuit drive power supply drop detection
When voltage of 24V DC power supplied to ASLINKMASTER drops, the master detects this and stops transmission, and noties an error, and at the same time, lights the ASLINKMASTER indication lamp.
Voltage drop of transmission power can be quickly recognized and transmission trouble is prevented.
ID (address) duplex, non-setting detection
ASLINKMASTER recognizes ID (address) set to the connected digital link unit and digital link sensor, and noties errors if there is any duplex or unset unit or sensor.
In addition, error is also indicated with the associated terminal.

“RAS function” is a basic diagnostic function included in AnyWire Sho-Haisen.

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